World Kindness Day

You’re looking lovely today!

You did a great job in the staff meeting!

Wanna Grab Lunch?
We are bringing on the compliments and random acts – you should too!
World Kindness Day is the perfect time to show others that you care. No need for any big gestures here. Something simple will do! Take advantage of the opportunity to share a little light and positivity in world that presents daily challenges and struggles for each and everyone of us.
Here are FIVE KIND things you can do in the next 90 seconds. 
  1. Text a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while and let them know you’re thinking about them.
  2. Let your boss know they are doing a great job & you appreciate their mentorship.
  3. Email your department a funny gif or meme to boost morale.
  4. Run out and grab a coffee for someone at work that looks like they could use a little more pep in their step.
  5. Sign-up to volunteer for a cause you care about.
See? Wasn’t that easy. There are so many ways to be kind and show the world that you care.
Find out more ways that you can help spread the love and stay kind.
Our very own Ashley Lauren of Spouse House has dedicated her life to being kind. Check out the video below for a few tips and tricks to maintaining kindness and positively!
Capture your kindness!
Share your experiences with World Kindness Day and tag @kineticcontent on social media.

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