ALL-STAR | Vanessa Nelson Shows Us One Way To Keep Love Fresh!

Ticket Stub Love

The best gifts are handmade and from the heart. I love making little things for my valentine that don’t cost much but make a huge impact. Try this new take on Valentine’s Day coupons and show your bae how much you care.

What you need:
A roll of event tickets
Sharpie or permanent marker

What to do:
On each ticket write sexy things you want to try with your partner, loving things to do for your partner or some of their favorite activities.

Try things like “this ticket is good for…”

· One home cooked meal
· A date night of your choice
· One midnight massage
· One breakfast in bed
· One night of video games
· One pampered pedicure

Roll the tickets up and tie them with a bow for your Valentine. Its that easy! Or make the experience more fun by hiding them around the house for your partner to find. Make this homemade gift as sweet or sexy as you want!

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