Tara on MAFS2C’s David Norton: “I Dodged a Bullet”


OK, you asked for it…and we’ve delivered! #TeamTara has been a very serious thing for quite some time now (even David’s mom was rooting for her), so we thought it would only be fitting to give you her perspective on this season of Married at First Sight: Second Chances

Ladies and gentlemen, you watched the show for 11 weeks…and you saw the reunion…so there’s really no need to say anything else.

Without further ado…we give you Tara…completely uninterrupted: 

Hey everyone!!! First, I want to say that I am overwhelmed with the love and support that I have received throughout this entire season of MAFS2C. It honestly feels like I have a million best friends that have my back. So thank you guys for that! 

I want to give you some insight into this season from my perspective- my thoughts on how things went down and what I have been up to since my relationship with David ended. 

First, I am so grateful for the opportunity. Going on a reality dating show is a bit overwhelming and nerve-wracking and, let’s be honest, kind of crazy! But I wanted to find love even if it came in an unconventional way. Through this process, I met so many amazing people during the show, some of which will be lifelong friends. My girl squad knows who they are! From the production staff, to the other girls on the show, to the many, many fans, it’s been an honor and a privilege. I went on this show to pursue an opportunity at love…real and true L-O-V-E. As you know, I have known David for the past 5 years. I have always admired who he was as a friend and have always been curious as to how our story could play out.  

(Photo from 2012) 

For the first time, our timing was perfect. We were both single and emotionally available…or so I thought. I went into this experience looking for a forever partner and I can honestly say that I put my all into being 100% authentic and open. Our feelings grew over the season and in my eyes, my relationship with David was very real. My feelings grew with each date I shared with him. I truly loved getting to know him better. As crazy as it sounds, you forget about the cameras, and in those moments the feelings are real. What he was telling me on-camera and off was loving and sweet. I fell hard for David. 

Fast forward to the finale…

I went into that night with hopes and expectations that everything this man told me was real:

1. He loves me

2. I’m the one

3. He cares about me 

4. I’m his friend

5. He respects me. 

You get my drift… the list goes on. So naturally, I was excited about the idea of continuing our story. When David told me that he didn’t choose me, I felt deceived. I felt hurt. I felt duped. I felt blindsided. I mean, if he loved me, if I was the one, if he cared about me, if I was his friend, and if he respected me, he would’ve chosen me, right? Because who can say those things and then say “when I’m not with you, I don’t think about you.” The one word I felt in that moment is HURT.

Fast-forward to reunion day…

During the time between finale night and reunion night, I learned so many things. The lies that I was told by David during filming are endless. Without going into all of the “he-said, she-said,” my feelings went from being hurt to being ANGRY. How could he be telling us all different things that are completely not true, just to further his relationships? I felt disgusted and furious and it definitely showed at the reunion (sorry for the language). Let me be clear on a couple of things: I am NOT angry or bitter that he didn’t choose me. I know now that I dodged a bullet. I AM, however, angry about his total disregard for my feelings. 

However I may feel about David’s actions, I do believe in this show. People deserve a second chance at love. All the ingredients were there. The experts gave great advice and I loved working with them. The dates were fun and romantic. And I can genuinely say I did everything I could to see if love was there. 

If I could provide any advice for David in his future dating, it would be to say what you mean and mean what you say. When you tell someone that you “love them”, MEAN IT. Treat your friends the way you want to be treated. Words are real and people are real. Women have feelings and no one likes to feel like they are a stepping stone to your future. HONESTY is always number one in any relationship. David, I honestly hope that you can find real and authentic love with someone who loves and respects you in return.

As for me, life is good.

I have been traveling, focusing on myself and enjoying my incredible group of friends. I have been spending my time in the beautiful state of North Carolina, where I am from. I have really enjoyed being close to my loved ones. Their support and love in this journey was unconditional, and I’ll forever be grateful for them. I am so excited for my future and I am so blessed for this opportunity. There have been so many life lessons, so many friendships, a little bit of heartbreak, but I am truly grateful for it all! Thanks again for all of the love and support! I believe there is a great love for us all out there, and I will continue my journey to find it! ❤️



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