Lifetime’s popular franchise is now in The Lone Star State with “Little Women: Dallas!” When Bri Barlup and Emily Fernandez move from Atlanta to Texas after dealing with some hard times, they are ready to shake things up with a whole group of new little ladies who prove that, although everything is not always “bigger” in Texas, the drama certainly is!
  • Spouse House (TLC)

    In a daring new love experiment, seven single men and seven single women move into a house with the intent of finding their spouse and their happily ever after. Each week, the newly coupled groups either accept a proposal or face an eviction from the house.

  • LITTLE WOMEN: LA: Couples Retreat (Lifetime)


    Pack your sunscreen and prepare for drama in the tropics, when the Little Women franchise heads to an island resort for “Little Women LA: Couples Retreat.” From coast to coast, the “Little Women” cast has dealt with it all when it comes to their love lives. Now at crossroads in their relationships LA’s Tonya and Kerwin, Briana and Matt, and Christy and Todd, meet up with Atlanta’s Tiny Twinz Andrea and Amanda and their boyfriends Chris and Jordan. New York’s Lila and her new love interest Brian and the Big Apple’s Jazmin and David, also join the crew.


    married at first site

    “Married at First Sight” is an extreme social experiment following six brave souls who are yearning for a life-long partnership as they agree to a provocative proposal: getting legally married the moment they first meet.
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    “Married at First Sight: Second Chances,” follows “Married at First Sight” season three viewer favorites, David Norton and Vanessa Nelson, as they get another shot at finding life-long love. In season three, David’s marriage failed, despite his efforts to spark a connection with his wife Ashley.
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  • LITTLE WOMEN: LA  (Lifetime)

    Lifetime’s new docu-series “Little Women: LA” chronicles the adventures of a unique group of smart, sexy and funny girlfriends with big hearts, big personalities and even bigger drama…who all happen to be little people. “Little Women: LA” invites viewers to walk in their shoes as they deal with relationships, parenting, careers and especially, the ups and downs of friendships. Read more


    Lifetime’s popularLittle Women franchise heads south with Little Women: Atlanta. These new little ladies turn it up wherever they go. Like many friends, they deal with problems with their parents, fights over men and one little lady even has a baby on the way. When it comes down to it, this clique is not afraid to get into it with each other, but together they face the daily challenges that come with being a little person while proving they are the true queens of Atlanta. Read more

  • Little Talk Live 
    Michelle Collins hosts a weekly live talk show recapping Lifetime’s latest shows featuring the casts of “Little Women,” “Married at First Sight,” and more. Broadcast with a live audience, there’s always plenty of laughs, loud moments and libations!
    Seven years marks a point in many marriages when couples find themselves restless and dissatisfied; and some even wonder what it would be like if they had picked a different spouse. In “Seven Year Switch,” four couples at a crossroads in their relationship will get the chance to live with a stranger for two weeks, in an experimental marriage, to help determine what traits and characteristics in a mate could make their marriage stronger. Read more
  • MAN VS. MASTER (fyi)

    In Man vs Master, unknown chefs working in the trenches of the food industry will compete for a coveted apprenticeship with a world-renowned celebrity chef – but in order to win, they will have to beat the master in a face-off first. A rotating roster of culinary masters, such as; Art Smith, Elizabeth Falkner, Jonathan Waxman, Ming Tsai and Rick Bayless, will be featured in each episode, hosted by Blais.

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  • LOVE BUZZ (YouTube)
    ‘Love Buzz’ is led by Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, TV host, star of Season 6 of ABC’s The Bachelorette, and all-around super-fan of relationship television. Each week she’ll focus on one or more of that week’s best relationship shows, and will be joined by guests including participants from the series, relationship experts and TV insiders. The show will also feature passionate super fans from around the country.
    ‘FANGIRLS!’ is led by Tammy and Rochelle, a mother-daughter duo that dish on all things Reality TV. Each week they’ll focus on a few of their favorite shows, dive into pop culture and feature fan submissions.

    In each episode of “Man vs Child: Chef Showdown,” a team of five child cooking prodigies will challenge a prolific executive-level chef in the kitchen, where they will defend their culinary abilities. Will raw talent and imagination prove to be enough for the first generation of kids raised on cooking shows? Read more
  • LITTLE WOMEN: NY (Lifetime)
    If fans thought the ladies of LA had challenges, wait until they see “Little Women: NY.” This group of friends navigates the Big Apple while facing obstacles that test people even of average height, including hailing cabs, catching subways, traversing the crowded streets and just about everything else that’s part of a New Yorker’s hectic life. Read more
    Terra Jolé and Joe Gnoffo’s captivating high-risk pregnancy story on this season of Lifetime’s hit docuseries Little Women: LA has been embraced by millions of fans. After receiving an overwhelming outpouring of support, they have made the courageous decision to document the impending birth of their baby in an all new unscripted program Little Women: Terra’s Little Family. Read more
    THE FIRST YEAR (fyi)

    They were “Married at First Sight,” but what happens once the experiment is over? “Married at First Sight: The First Years” follows the adventures of some of those who took the plunge, whether they stayed married or not. Read more

    “Bride & Prejudice,” follows three star-crossed couples who desperately want to get married, but whose prejudiced family members do not approve of their unions. Viewers will meet the three couples as they decide to make a life-long commitment and get married in the face of staunch opposition from their family and friends. From an interfaith couple in Baltimore, to a gay couple in Boston, and an interracial couple from Houston – these people are all striving to show doubtful loved ones how differences in race, religion and sexual preference do not affect their ability to love and be loved. Read more
    My Diet Is Better Than Yours” is the first weight loss competition show to put its experts to the test. “My Diet Is Better Than Yours” features celebrity trainers who coach average Americans looking to lose weight and get in shape.

    Hosted by fitness expert, Shaun T, creator of the workout phenomenon “Insanity,” “My Diet Is Better Than Yours” brings together celebrity trainers Carolyn Barnes, Jovanka Ciares, Jay Cardiello, Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD and Abel James who each introduce diet and exercise plans with the potential to change viewers’ ideas about how to shed pounds. Read more

  • #BLACKLOVE (fyi)

    Today’s successful, modern black women have groomed themselves to have it all – beauty, intelligence and thriving careers. For many, there’s just one thing that they want more than anything which mysteriously eludes them – love. Viewers will follow five women, including newly single Monet Bell from season one of “Married at First Sight,” as they discover the issues that have held them back from finding a fulfilling and loving relationship. Read more

    (NBC & Lifetime)
    Forget everything you thought you knew about the older generation. “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” takes senior stereotypes and blows them out of the water with a cast of sassy septuagenarians who are hip, sexy and ready to party! America’s favorite comedy sweetheart sends a fearless band of senior citizens to the streets to pull shockingly hilarious pranks on the younger generation in “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.” Read more

    One blind spoonful could change everything on ABC’s “The Taste.” The cooking competition is literally all about taste. Sixteen competitors, from pro chefs to home cooks, whip up dishes attempting to impress four of the world’s most notable chefs. The catch all the dishes will be judged their creations in a blind taste test. In this pressure-packed contest, the taste in a single spoonful can catapult a contender to the top or send him packing. Read more

    In each installment of Geeks Who Drink, two teams of self-proclaimed “trivia geeks” battle it out in rapid-fire quizzes that cover topics from pop culture to science fiction. Each team consists of three players – a celebrity team captain and two trivia pros. After three rounds of raucous game-play and (mostly) friendly competition, the winning team will earn bragging rights, a spot on the Geeks Who Drink leaderboard and a bevy of prizes to geek out over. Read more
    The first game show where a contestant is not playing for himself… but for someone else. Someone who deserves it! The goal is to win as much money as possible – to be able to give as much as possible! Read more
    (The CW, US & ITV2, UK)
    In “Perez Hilton: All Access,” the outrageous gossip columnist cozies up to some of his most famous pals, taking viewers inside the celebrity’s world for revealing conversations in unusual locations. But this is not an interview show- this fresh, irreverent format is all about talking while doing. Read more
  • CURSED (BIO Channel)

    Cursed features first-person accounts of how curses have tormented, hurt, and even killed. Hosted by Dr. David Marsh, who has studied curses for the past 30 years, Cursed reveals fascinating stories told by real people who have lived through them and by those who have witnessed their effects. Cinematic re-enactments and compelling interviews paint a picture of what it’s like to live with, and die by, a curse. Read more

  • GYM RESCUE (Spike)

    Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock will host “Gym Rescue,” a series in the vein of Spike’s “Bar Rescue” and “Tattoo Rescue” which will see the former MMA champions try to revive struggling gyms. Shot on location in Florida and Colorado, “Gym Rescue” will not focus solely on MMA gyms, with Couture and Shamrock taking on everything “from traditional gyms to military-style boot-camps to yoga studios.” Read more

    Accelerating the Future
    Dreamers and mavericks compete to create the most fuel efficient cars ever made. At stake is USD$10 million in prize money and the opportunity to revolutionise the auto industry. But the X-Prize is not just about inventing new auto technology. The competition is designed as a catalyst for innovation that can change people’s minds about what is possible.
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    HARVEST follows three custom-harvesting crews as they dash from border to border on a six-month cannonball run, chasing crops…and millions in cash. This year, the stakes are higher than ever as the one of history’s deadliest drought and tornado seasons bears down on the heartland, killing more than 500 people and leaving behind billions of dollars in damage. Read more


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