September 2017 Horoscopes!

After the solar eclipse on August 21st, the stars have something new in store for you this month! Astrologer, Trish Thomas-Mink brings you this exclusive horoscope to guide you through September!

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Memorable, meaningful love for you this month. Work is fabulous too, except make sure to watch for the pitfalls of hurried work, and bad judgements. So focus on the details. Also learn to pace yourself and delegate this month.


Appetites are vigorous now, love, food, pleasure. Your sexuality is at the forefront, so make the best of it. Just don’t think sex means love. A great month for financial gain. Cardio is the best exercise, so go out dancing!



Love the one you are with! Steady romance brings more happiness. Real Estate, invest, re-decorate or clean up…Working behind the scenes brings rewards. Slow down this month, and have patience or pay for it in bruises and scrapes. Be kind to family.


Luck be a lady tonight, and she is in your corner. Use the luck in love and money, it will work for both. Travel and communications seem to be focus at work. Real Estate is good for you. Slow down and reduce stress to have the best experience.


Love and sexuality are both shining in your sign. It makes life beautiful. You are in control at work, and make a successful presentation. You are looking for ways to get ahead, start a business? Sky diving? Don’t forget to pack a parachute.


You are bold, bright and beautiful, and all can see it. So if you like him, ask him out! So much analyzing, and projecting outcomes, you are finally ready for action! Your energy is really high this month, make use of it, go hiking, run a marathon….


Love is up and down this month, particularly for those in relationships. Work is great for groups, events and shows. You find support for your ideas. You are both charming and lucky at work. Your emotional energy is a little low though.


Your love wants someone successful and exciting. If they can help you even better. In work, there is a big surprise, it could be brand new or something you have wanted forever. It is a good time for fund raising. This month you are strong and dynamic and can do anything.


Your love life is about journeys this month or about status. It may be that you are analyzing love over the next 3 months. Can we do great things? Definitely a fire month for work. You are bright bold and stand out in a crowd. You can manifest your desires right now, just manage your stress levels


Love is about going deeper, investing time into making it better. It is also about joint ventures, sharing the journey. You are aligned well for earning extra money and career development you are in the right place at the right time. You are a little clumsy so watch out this month.


Love is easy and warm this month. You could do something you have dreaming of. You are interested in all things money this month!! It is a good time to collaborate with your finances too!! Your month is over all smooth sailing.


Dynamic is what describes your experience this month, in love and work. Things feel intense and happen suddenly, you are excited. Collaborations in all sectors of your life bring satisfaction and good luck. Watch your health, and time to clean up life style.


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