Game of Thrones Ep3

RECAP: Let’s Talk GOT, Shall We?


Finally, YEARS of speculation on several fronts were put to rest in this episode full of substance. As fans largely predicted, this short season is wasting no time getting to the point. The end is near, folks. Let’s savor these episodes, shall we?

Since we don’t know how George R. R. Martin envisions the meeting of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, the HBO writers and producers were in a tough spot. It wasn’t easy seeing two beloved characters meet with zero appreciation for each other. As much as we love Ser Davos, his introduction of Jon and partial admission that he is kind of a walking dead guy himself, didn’t exactly help. However, Tyrion’s back channeling gives this relationship the first signs of thawing. With the state of Daenerys’ forces by the end of the episode, she may realize she needs Jon and the North a lot more than she thought. Euron finishes what he started with her fleet, the Tyrells and their funds are wiped out, and we see Randyll Tarly riding with Jaime Lannister. Her war chest is looking a little low. She also seems to need someone else to ride and guide those dragons, which might come naturally to someone with their own share of Targaryen blood and some warg-like tendencies… how awesome would that be?

Back at King’s Landing, Cersei is on a roll. Euron brings her the Sand Snakes that murdered her daughter, Myrcella, and sates him with the promise that he’ll get that dream wedding he’s always wanted as soon as the war is over. We’ll see how that goes for him. In the meantime, the amazing shade he’s throwing at Jaime Lannister makes it hard to hate him quite as much as you should. Cersei drags Jaime back to her bed shamelessly, but we’re pretty disappointed he hasn’t yet realized just how awful she really is. As for the Sand Snakes, we thought for sure Cersei would unleash the Mountain on them, much like the nun that shamed her. After that brutal kiss, we should’ve realized that Cersei is still not to be underestimated. Yet, her brilliant plan went right over our heads, as she assures the Iron Bank they’ll get their money right after the mention of the Tyrells being her enemy. Never… underestimate… Cersei Lannister. 

It was, of course, sad to see Olenna Tyrell make her exit, but the way she went out definitely suited such a sharp and tactical character. The look on Jaime’s face when she drops the bomb that it was her, not Tyrion, who killed Joffrey, is priceless. She may have struck some significant blows on her way out, trying to sow some seeds of doubt between the Kingslayer and his strained love for Cersei.

How thrilling was it to see Sansa Stark killing it as the interim boss of Winterfell? And to see her cut down Littlefinger’s mansplaining? Brilliant. As Jon Snow says to Tyrion back at Dragonstone, Sansa is definitely starting to let on that she’s learned how to work the system. She’s completely unphased by leadership, but Bran’s return as the three-eyed raven instead of the little lord she knew, shocks her. We wonder how she’ll handle Arya returning as a mass-murdering revenge machine? 

Seeing Jorah cured and Sam neither infected nor horribly punished is almost as exciting as being spared another disgusting food/bodily fluid montage. Hopefully, Jorah will return to Daenerys, Sam will return to Jon, and the two can help further bridge that gap of trust. It’s also interesting that they took the time to show us that Theon Greyjoy is alive and outed as a coward. It’s pretty hard to imagine a way he could redeem himself now. We’re also interested in the conversation between Varys and Melisandre that mostly went over our heads. Definitely filing this one away in hopes that it makes sense at a later date. 

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