It’s National Love Note Day!

Thank someone for being in your life and send a little love!
Today is the day to make your love known. At a loss for words?
Below are a few short and simple (but, equally as meaningful) ways to show someone how much you care!
Sneak a note into your friend’s lunch at work!
Thanks for always being such a great friend and co-worker, Janet. Also-you look really nice today!
Write a quick message on the bathroom mirror for the person you live with! A bar of soap or some lipstick are great writing tools.
You’re an awesome roommate! I love living with you and cooking breakfast together every Saturday morning!
Send your out-of-state parents a thoughtful postcard message!
Wish you were here! Thank you for all that you have done for me – you really raised a great kid! Ha! Love you always.
Confess your undying devotion to your significant other. The best way to do this? – Obviously send them a heart-shaped pizza!
Sorry if this is cheesy, but I love you more than all the mozzarella in the world. Thanks for always giving me the last slice!


We hope you find a way to celebrate! Find out more about National Love Note Day here!

Let us know how your love notes turn out!
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