Time to Celebrate!
Today is National Coming Out Day and appropriately enough, it is also National It’s My Party Day! So join us in jumping around, dancing, and showing our support!
Check out our cast of LITTLE WOMEN and SPOUSE HOUSE livin’ it up and celebrating all the good things in life!
Here are some great, yet simple party ideas for some awesome celebrations of your own!
Feeling saucy? A FIESTA is the way to go.
Try out this quick Mexican Sour Cream Dip Recipe!
Or we can make it even simpler:
Here are a few great decoration ideas too!
Something SWEET
 You’ll need some easy desserts to throw together!  Everything you need to know is right here.
Don’t want to ruin that early morning workout? Try something on the healthier side. You will LOVE this festive Honey Lime RAINBOW Fruit Salad!
Time to BOOZE
 For this kind of celebration – you’re definitely going to need some alcohol. Try these FABULOUS 2-ingredient cocktails!
Or how about some beautifully colored – Rainbow Sangria?
You’re going to be feeling the love in no time!
If you don’t feel like party planning for this OUTstanding occassion- check out some other ways to take part in the celebrations!
1. Grab a beer with friends at the local dive bar – dance with the bartender!
2. Sing Karaoke – take a risk and choose a song you’ve never sang before!
3. Volunteer! Celebrate a cause you believe in.
4. Go for a drive with your best friend and blast your favorite playlist with the windows down. Feel the wind in your hair!
5. Try a Zumba class. All that dancing will surely feel like a celebration! And you’re getting a fun, new workout in. What could go wrong?
6. Finally buy that ice cream cake you’ve been craving – grab a spoon and DIG IN. No one is watching…or judging! It’s YOUR day!
7. Hit the movies – if your idea of a party is laying back and watching the action, this is the celebration for you! Maybe even a double feature.
8. Spend some time at home, just lounging around. Surround yourself with snacks and light some candles. This year, Celebrating = Relaxation Time.
9. Reach out to co-workers and meet up for Happy Hour! You can even send a fun e-vite — yes, those are still a thing! Use this holiday to connect with new people and celebrate each others’ excitement!
10. SLEEP. Maybe you’re the IT’S MY PARTY all-the-time kind of person and today, you just want to get some shut eye. No shame here! ENJOY!
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