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‘Insecure’ Season 2 Episode 3- ‘Hella Open’ Recap

Contributed by: Rian Castille

Now that Issa realizes her and Lawrence are over, what better way to try to pick yourself up than to make out with smokin’ hot singer Luke James? But in true Issa fashion, the hookup goes completely wrong and, honestly, it was painful to see her awkwardly turn him off. After this, Issa realizes that she never really had the opportunity to have a “ho-phase” (as she refers to it) because she was in a long-term relationship. Therefore, Issa looks to Molly to teach her “how to be a ho.”

Molly has fired her therapist because she thinks it’s pointless. Issa makes an obvious revelation that her worst enemy is herself because essentially, she overthinks everything (me too Issa, me too). Molly agrees and they both make a pact to try and be different. Issa’s first assignment is going to the club and meeting some new faces. Molly expresses that she isn’t in the mood to meet new guys, but will help Issa along the way.

Once at the club, Issa is still… well, awkward. (Issa, I get it. Dating is awkward, but girl you have to pull it together. Call me, we’ll chat). Meanwhile, Ms. Molly is seemingly interested in a guy that approaches her. Lionel seems to have it all together and he asks for Molly’s number. Molly gives him her business card like the true lady that she is. Issa has no luck at the club, but all hope isn’t lost. She has a really cute neighbor, Eddie, who she’s been checking out.

Luckily, at work, things are going well for Issa. The program is filled with even more students, but on the other hand, her partner Fredia still isn’t happy. There are no Latino students in the program and more than half the school is of Latin descent.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is loving his new job and his coworkers have good vibes. But while Lawrence is trying to stay in an uncommitted/committed relationship with Tasha, his coworkers are trying to encourage him to have some fun of his own. Lawrence’s co-workers poke fun at him for having to attend Tasha’s family’s BBQ instead of hanging out with them.

Molly and Lionel meet up for lunch and Lionel is exactly what Molly is looking for. He has a career, five-year plan, wants to be married, everything. Unfortunately for Molly, this just isn’t enough and after the date, she phones Issa to tell her about it. Issa points out to Molly that Lionel sounds like the male version of her.

Lawrence is still trying to be a “good guy” and he shows up to Tasha’s family’s BBQ as promised, but after five minutes, he leaves to meet up with his co-workers. He tells Tasha that he’ll return and never does. She ends up calling him out for the “fuck boy” she thinks he is.

Back at Issa’s apartment, she decides to pay her cute neighbor, Eddie, a visit. At first, the encounter is awkward, and once they start having sex, Issa is uncomfortable with the missionary positon. She finally finds a positon that works for her and they have OK sex.

Lionel invites Molly to a SZA concert, but she declines.


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