Little Women Couples Retreat Finale

As we wrap up this season of Little Women Couples Retreat, relationship expert Hasani Pettiford has provided his professional insight into everyone’s experiences during the trip. As always, Hasani breaks it down for us and celebrates the accomplishments of each couple through a trying and transformative journey.


All Good Things Do Come To An End


Little Women Couples Retreat was a rewarding experience for me, the entire cast, the crew, and its many viewers. Kinetic Content, the production company responsible for the network’s franchise show, did an extraordinary job capturing each couple’s unique experience. The eight-week series truly represented the highest form of edutainment; entertainment with the underpinnings of an educational flare.

If I had a thousand tongues I could not express how elated I felt guiding these couples through a journey of self-discovery and relational transformation. It was a rewarding experience that truly helped each of them take an honest look at their relationship. While the retreat was nestled in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico with plenty to enjoy, much of the time was spent helping the couples resolve their issues.

Each couple participated in both private sessions and group experiential learning designed to help them establish the right foundation for their life and relationship. While the activities focused on team work, conflict resolution and effective communication, the one-on-two private sessions focused on more intimate issues. We spent a considerable amount of time discussing the essentials of a healthy relationship, sexual fulfillment, betrayal and recovery, personality attachments, work and finances, parenting styles, family issues, gender roles, and a whole lot more.

With each passing day, I witnessed each couple transform before my very eyes. While each couple came with their own set of issues, they left with a unique awareness and set of skills specific to their personal journey together.

Amanda & Jordan

Amanda and Jordan was the first couple I had the pleasure of working with. Overall I think they are a solid couple with a promising future together. However, there are some issues they must overcome. Amanda has a problem speaking her truth for fear of hurting Jordan’s feelings. She often questions herself and emotionally shuts down to avoid looking ‘stupid’. Meanwhile Jordan suffers from a know-it-all mentality. He has an unhealthy need to always be right which compromises their communication with one another. With each new exercise, Jordan began to realize the importance of creating a safe environment for Amanda to share her heart without judgment. Effective communication has been their biggest take-away from the retreat.

Briana & Matt

Briana and Matt represent the couple everyone loves to hate. Their marriage has suffered a heap of problems: abandonment issues, low self-worth, narcissism, verbal and emotional abuse, infidelity, separation, and chronic bad behavior under the influence of alcohol. Much of that bad behavior reared its ugly head at the retreat. But with each session and group exercise, they were able to gain a new awareness that would help put their marriage back on the right path. After while, I began to see a more compassionate, thoughtful, altruistic and focused Matt. Likewise, Briana gained a sense of strength that she was missing in the marriage. While they still have a lot to work through, the retreat was a great kickstart in the right direction. I look forward to seeing their continued progress.

Tonya & Kerwin

Tonya and Kerwin, though not married, represented our veteran couple with 30 years under their belt. While some of those years were good, many were not. There have been power struggles, irreconcilable differences, splits, co-parenting, other outside relationships, and a continuous recommitment to one another. Tonya organized the couples gathering in hopes of resolving their issues in order to move forward with marriage. However, the retreat helped bring to light many issues that were both unaddressed and unresolved. Their biggest take-away was that marriage doesn’t solve problems. It simply magnifies existing problems. So, before taking that big step more work must be done.

Andrea & Chris

Andrea and Chris were also in desperate need of the retreat. Their relationship has suffered from multiple affairs, parenting and in-law and issues, financial crisis and uncontrolled tempers. While the retreat helped bring a lot of issues to the surface I think there is still work to be done. As a life partner and parent, Chris needs to embrace the true meaning family, finance and fidelity. Unfortunately, those three areas represent his achilles heel. Meanwhile, Andrea needs to focus on properly managing her emotions and improving her communication skills.

Jazmin & David

Jazmin and David arrived at the retreat in hopes of finding more passion and a renewed focus on family. And, they got exactly what they came for. Through numerous healthy conversations and group exercises, David’s fears and phobias regarding childbirth were properly addressed and resolved. The prospects of starting a family has put Jazmin on top of the world. Meanwhile, David’s desire for deeper intimacy was also met. Their renewed purpose and passion as a couple has inspired them renew their vows which will ultimately lay the perfect foundation for a successful marriage and family.

Christy & Todd

Christy and Todd received a complete marital overhaul during the retreat. Admittedly, Puerto Rico represented the best few weeks of their life together as a married couple. They arrived shrouded in physical pain, emotional exhaustion and marital discontent. Personal health issues and other family dynamics placed an undue weight on their relationship.  Their sex life was at an all-time low and they suffered from a parent-child relational dynamic that left them both emotionally drained.

But, something miraculous happened at the retreat. They fully embraced the process and overcame physical challenges that made them less dependent on one another. Todd’s personal accomplishments and self-reliance helped shift the parent-child pattern in their marriage.  Christy no longer views herself as Todd’s parent, Instead, she sees herself as his partner. Much like Jazmin and David, they decided to set a new course for their relationship with the renewing of their vows.

All in all, each couple had an amazing journey together in Puerto Rico. They each experienced a personal awakening that will aid in the continuous growth of the relationship. I celebrate each couple for completing the journey and look forward to their continued success. Let us all take time to celebrate their accomplishments as we eagerly await a potential second season of Little Women Couples Retreat.


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