Last Minute Thanksgiving Celebrations!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Kinetic Team! We are so very thankful for YOU!

Here are 5 easy ways to celebrate for those last minute planners!



This one seems like a given – Thanksgiving is centered around an autumn harvest feast that occurred first in 1621 between the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians. It is only right to honor this celebration by having a feast of your own! Seriously – this holiday is centered around food. What else could you ask for? Maybe a drink or two — don’t worry, we all need a glass of wine or a cold beer every now and then! Why not on Thanksgiving?


After all that eating – your body is most likely going to collapse into a blob on the couch. Or on the floor. OR – if you’re lucky, you may even make it to your bed. It has been said that the tryptophan in turkey in combination with all of those carbohydrate heavy foods is the perfect way to put your body in a sleep ready state. Let’s just hope your kitchen table isn’t too far from a soft, comfy surface for you to do some napping!


It’s Thanksgiving! You have the day off (hopefully)! You’ve been so crazy with work and holiday shopping and meeting those end of the year deadlines, that you can never seem to find the time to call your mom, meet up with your best friend for coffee, or even pop next door to catch up with your neighbor. This Thanksgiving is your chance. Send a quick text or nice note and express your gratitude for the people you have in your life!



Ok, ok…so it may be a little too late to sign-up for a formal 5K on Thanksgiving morning. No worries – you’ve had a lot going on! But, that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a nice jog around your neighborhood or try that new bike trail you’ve been meaning to check out! Call up a friend and burn off a few extra calories before you sit down and enjoy all of your favorites. You won’t feel as guilty when you sneak that extra dessert!



Getting back to the true purpose of Thanksgiving – spending time doing things that you love, preparing and enjoying a meal with family and friends, and truly recognizing all of the wonderful things in your life. It is time to be thankful and appreciative for each and every day. Take this special holiday and use it as an opportunity to show your appreciation through the many volunteer opportunities that exist! Help to serve a Thanksgiving Meal at your local homeless shelter, clean up the park down the street, or even a simple warm smile to the person you pass on the street – these are all wonderful ways to share some joy!


We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take the time to reflect on all of the things for which you are truly thankful!



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