Kevin Frazier’s Front Row Seat to ALL the Little Women: LA Reunion Drama


Who’s tuning in to the Little Women: LA reunion show tonight on Lifetime??!

Your favorite girls are sitting down with host, Kevin Frazier, to talk about all of the issues that the Little Women of LA endured this past season, along with all of their health issues and career struggles.

We get to see Autumn, Todd, Matt, Lisa and Joe, plus some other surprises! Ms. Juicy even makes a cameo appearance! (It’s one you’ll have to see to believe!)

We know, we know…you can hardly stand the wait.

That’s why we’re bringing you into our exclusive little chat with Entertainment Tonight’s, Kevin Frazier. He tells us how he handles all the chaos on these shows every year and what advice he’d give the ladies after everything that’s gone down.

Check out what he had to say below!

KC: Fans absolutely love you as the host of these Little Women reunions – what’s your trick to being the mediator in the middle of all the chaos and huge personalities!

KF: I am always surprised at how quickly things can go from zero to one hundred. I’m always not just listening, but watching body language to see the reactions.

KC: What’s your most memorable moment from this season’s LWLA reunion? And why?

KF: The woman who allegedly cheated with Matt and her saying she wasn’t worried about her husband finding out, but more worried about her boyfriend.

KC: What’s your best advice for these women – now that you know ALL their dirt – as they wrap up season 6 and potentially ramp up for a season 7?

KF: No one is safe, nothing is off limits and your skin has to be so thick because people will say anything.


Well, you heard it here first! You don’t want to miss this reunion show!

Follow Kevin on Twitter and Instagram for more on what’s happening in his world.

And tune in tonight at 9PM/8C, on Lifetime!

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