JULY 2017 HOROSCOPES! Pt. 1 (Aries-Virgo)


Astrologer, Trish Thomas-Mink brings you forecasts from the stars to get you through July!

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July finds you in sync with the world again. Get out and have some fun, socialize with new friends that see the world as you do. Your plans move forward again, and it is time to take a leap of faith! Go after your dreams!


Your relationships need balance, so care for yourself first. Keep your expectations of others within reason. You have the energy to get things done this month- don’t squander it. A new project will blossom in 6 months. Expand your horizons travel, take classes, enjoy!


Love could move from fun to commitment this month. Neptune in your work sector makes you re-evaluate your goals and dreams. You long to do something meaningful with your life. A little drama will shake up the end of the month, but don’t let it stall you! Ideas abound later this month.



Your feelings guide you this month. From sentimental nostalgia, wearing your heart on your sleeve, to invigorating focus on your life. You will find yourself taking care of your life, and managing your goals deftly. Stalled plans move forward now.


Your forte is in group activities this month, catch up with your friends. It is a tech month too, so catch up on social media. Your ability to make friends, from all social groups, and cultures will enhance yours and their lives. Your humanitarian nature is supported this month, so find a cause to help the world. A new romance may heat up this month!


This month is the time to accomplish your goals. Luck and opportunity blossom around you, possibly even a new job. You have confidence, so it may be the time to take that leap of faith. You make excuses to your loved ones, maybe it is time to deal with that fixer-upper relationship, and take a healthy stance. New friends could turn to lovers!

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