JULY 2017 HOROSCOPES! Pt.2 (Libra-Pisces)


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It is all about work this month, your business is your main focus. Don’t neglect loved ones, it will get easier to do both. The family will be happy with the good money and what it can buy. Your love life is tricky this month. Also pay attention to your health until after the 22nd.


Major planetary movement affect your health and your work life. Work is highly stressful, and you may snap. But you are up to the task, maybe even a promotion! Lots of support for you this month, at work, and within your family. The stress requires that you care for your health, so get out and do some walking.


After the 23rd, your career is robust this month. There are retrogrades slowing you down, so do preparation work. It will affect you positively in the future. You need to cooperate with others this month. It will be a difficult time for your relationship. Is this the relationship for you? If not, there is no shortage of new possibilities. Take care of your health, you need the stamina!


Stay focused on your career goals this month. Many opportunities…your relationships are warm and enduring. Rely on others this month as Saturn is a taskmaster, so learn the lessons in front of you. People will be attracted to you and the vitality you show. Watch your money….


Go with the flow is your mantra this month, be adaptable. Due to planetary aspects, you will feel tension in July. Date someone new to relieve stress, be social and have fun. Business is slow so focus on what you do have, prepare for later. Romance is lively, and take care of your health. Change your diet.


Your career life slows this month as you adjust your values as they relate to your work. Want a new job? This a great month for that! The paradox to that is money flows through your life this month, and there is more than enough. Just don’t overspend. Your health is on the decent this month and romance can be found at the gym.

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