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‘Insecure’ Season 2 Episode 2 – ‘Hella Questions’ Recap

Contributed by: Rian Castille

Okay, so ladies, you know that one ex that you may still love and compare him to every man you try to date after? No? Okay, how about this: that one ex that you still have feelings for and had amazing sex with? You know, the one you used to live with and he moved out, but his mail still comes to your house? So he comes to pick it up, but he also leaves nice and full from eating all the cookies in the cookie jar? Bingo! That one. That is what is called a “double- back,” and honestly speaking, it’s worse than trying to figure out what nail color you’ll wear this week. You double back and have sex with your ex- knowing it’s probably not the best idea, emotionally, and now you’re confused. That’s exactly what happened to Ms. Issa this episode.

Following the infamous “double back,” Issa is now confused about where things stand between her and Lawrence. She clearly still wants to be with him but, unfortunately, she knows that it’s her fault they aren’t together. This is a prime example of the old quote, “You never know what you have until it’s gone.” While Issa deals with her confusion, Lawrence confesses everything to Tasha. All the while, Issa is hopeful that she and Lawrence will work it out because she is clueless to the fact that he’s been dipping into somebody else’s cookie jar.

Molly is finally starting to open up to her therapist. She expresses her feelings about her professional life. Molly is trying to break into what she deems “The Boys Club,” where all of the men are getting promoted for the same work that she’s doing while she doesn’t receive recognition. Her therapist suggests that maybe Molly is her own worst enemy, but in typical Molly fashion, she denies it. She’s already formulated her own plan that she is ready to execute.

Further in the week, the girls all reunite with one another at Tiffany’s art show. Tiffany and Kelli begin asking questions about the status of Lawrence and Issa. In an attempt to give Issa hope about Lawrence, Tiffany shares that her marriage isn’t perfect, but that it’s gotten on the right track. On the other hand, (loud mouth) Kelli lets Issa know that Lawrence has been dating Tasha.

Issa plays it cool in front of the girls and like any true best friend, Molly pulls up Tasha’s Facebook. Also like any true friends, the ladies comment on her looks and how she’s not that pretty. Issa takes a second and goes to the bathroom to deliver a rap about how sad she is. She, then, decides to take action and shows up to Chad’s house to address Lawrence in person. And like any good male friend, Chad gives Issa the cold shoulder and she leaves.

Molly puts her plan in motion to get ahead at work. She attends a rather boring hockey game with her boss in the hopes of gaining more recognition. This plan backfires and her boss doesn’t even notice her the day after the hockey game. On the other hand, Issa and Fredia are still pushing their “We Got Y’all” program but, unfortunately, Fredia isn’t too happy. She wants to report that the principle, Mr. Gaines, is discriminating against the Latinos at the school. Issa tries to tell her to focus on the fact that they actually have students attending.

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