INSIDE KINETIC: It’s Fashion Friday!


It’s Fashion Friday again and we have yet another amazing OOTD for you! This week’s spotlight is on our very own Katie Zakula! She is our Director of Development and Programming…and we wanted to bring you her fashion secrets because… let us tell you…the girl can light up a room! 

Take a look at her latest look! 

We tried to warn you…she’s got it together! So, of course, we asked her where she got this amazing ‘fit. And luckily, she had the info ready to share. We know you’ve got all types of things to get cute for this weekend, so let’s get right to it, shall we??? 


KC: What was the inspiration behind your outfit?

KZ: Los Angeles summer meets cold office. 

KC: Amazing! And the info we’re all waiting for…where did you buy your items?


      Shoes: Dolce Vita cork heels from The Beehive 

Pants: Tori skinny jeans in Colonial Blue from Velvet by Graham & Spencer 

Top: Lost in Lunar off-the-shoulder top from Planet Blue

Necklace: Tiffany’s

Bracelet: MantraBand

(Are you guys writing this stuff down???!) 

KC: What does your fashion say about you?

KZ: Usually, “I’d rather be at the beach.”

KC: Working in TV, where do you draw your inspiration for your outfits?

KZ: The Weather Channel. 

KC: Is there any item of clothing you will never ever wear?

KZ: Never say never.

KC: YOLO, right? 😎 (We love this girl) Last one…what’s your go-to fashion statement item?

KZ: Truthfully it’s a swimsuit – but that’s NSFW. 

KC: 😂

And there you have it…Katie Z showing us that staying camera-ready ain’t nothin’ but a hair flip…

✨Fashion Friday Alert ✨Blog post coming up with this blonde bombshell's beauty secrets! Stay tuned! 👢

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See you then!

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