Insecure’s Dominique Perry: “I Can Play “Tasha” Because I’ve Been Her”


Before there was “Tasha,” there was Dominique.

And before she was teaching women everywhere how to stand up to men that are unwilling to commit, she was just a little girl creating a stage for herself wherever she went in her hometown of Houston, TX.

Today, most viewers say she’s the perfect fit for the role of “Tasha” on HBO’s Insecure. And it’s true. She picks “Tasha” up off the page and delivers her to viewers just as if she’s lived and breathed her character every day of her life. And in a refreshing take on the historic ‘rebound girl,’ she helps “Tasha” prove herself to be the very essence of a strong, black, confident woman.

But just how did Dominique absorb this role so flawlessly? According to Perry, it took a few emotional bumps and bruises for her to really be able to feel the wisdom that “Tasha” so easily exudes from week to week.

So, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

It was obvious very early on that Dominique Perry was made for this business. Her mother knew she was destined to be a star the day of her 3rd birthday when she opened up a card to find a brand new, crisp five-dollar bill inside… and promptly “fainted” on the spot.

Yes, even at the tender age of 3, she was bringing the theatrics!

(We hear there’s video footage of this somewhere…Dominique, give us the exclusive!)

She also danced, sang and dreamt of becoming a star- both on stage and in front of her bedroom mirror.

Fast-forward a few years: Little Dominique grew up to continuously slay numerous acting roles like the one she calls her absolute favorite: the time she played “Glinda, the Good Witch” in a local Houston rendition of The Wiz for the Ensemble Theater Young Performers Program.

That’s when I realized I really had a voice,” she shares, “That’s when I found out I could fill a room.”

After attending performing arts schools from elementary all the way through high school, she took her acting chops, that voice and her dance moves to Prairie View A&M University, where she majored in Theater.

That’s when things started to heat up for the rising star. She landed a spot on the small screen when she was selected for MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew with her dance group, Xtreme Motion, and… then came the music videos, stage plays and finally an on-screen acting role in the American comedy, “Get Hard,” starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in 2015.

That brings us to the role that we all know and love today…and, as it turns out, she may have been working her way up to playing “Tasha” all along. As a matter of fact, if you ask her, she’ll tell you that her path just may have been specifically designed to prepare her for this role. She tells us that she can play “Tasha” because she’s been her.

“There’s so much that I relate to, to the point that it’s like am I Tasha?! We’re like the same person….just in a different situation because I would never date someone fresh out of a relationship,” says Perry.

Past romantic situations where she was ghosted, lied to, emotionally taken advantage of and betrayed…gave her just the amount of “real” that we see in “Tasha’s” eyes. And although “Tasha” may be the woman some love to hate…other women, (like the ones that have girl crushes on her here at Kinetic), recognize her as the post-modern “shero” that she is.

She fits right into the unapologetically black series that has invited the world in to explore the depth of relationships, friendships and the overall lifestyles of African-Americans in Los Angeles. And the truth is that she just might represent everything that most women aspire to be, if they’re honest with themselves:

She’s educated, ambitious, sexy…and she’s a supportive woman to her man. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. Also, it’s incredibly apparent that, along with all of those attributes, she possesses a level of strength and resolve that could be a little hard to come by in this age of dating.

Example: Even at her most vulnerable point, she found the inner strength to show Lawrence that she didn’t need him or his lame excuses in Season 2, Episode 3, “Hella Open.” And love her or hate her…she definitely deserved a round of applause for that delivery. (And of course, Dayna Lynne North, for those lines!)

“When she finally told Lawrence off, it’s like… I’ve had to do that,” she tells us, “I’ve had to say this exact same thing to a guy…so that definitely came from the heart.”

We’re betting that particular “telling off” will go down in Insecure history. So, Dominique, you can tell your 3-year-old self that you have arrived!

All things considered… of course, we wanted to know…what’s next for Dominique Perry? What kind of roles can we expect to see her in next?

Guesses? Anyone?

Well, just like “Tasha,” Dominique’s layers keep peeling back to reveal more amazing insight into her depth as a performer.

On her wish list are more versatile roles that show her acting range, like:

  1. A role in a theatrical production like Chicago 
  2. A role in any kind of Marvel film (we love those too!)
  3. And if we could go back in time, she’d love to play a part in “Bring It On!” alongside Gabrielle Union.

“If something comes up where there’s singing and dancing involved, I want to tackle it! I really want to show the world that this girl can really dance!”

“Bring it On!” reboot, anyone? Gabby? We’ll wait.

In all seriousness, though, Dominique is interested in anything that empowers her to transform into impactful characters… that’s what she wants to invest her time in. She even wants to write and get behind the scenes as well, so definitely watch out for her!

One of her major idols in the business? Taraji P. Henson. And it’s not difficult to see the parallels. They both have big dreams, the strength and determination to will them into reality, and the unflinching confidence to deliver their art to the world with grace, talent and charm.

Someone else she admires? Michael B. Jordan!

“I think we could really rock something,” she gushes, “We could do a Bonnie and Clyde thing.”

We’re thinking that this collaboration needs to happen ASAP.

Seriously, someone start a thread on Twitter:


Dominique Perry

Taraji P. Henson

Michael. B. Jordan


Issa Rae

What? We can dream, right?

Well, we have no doubt that Dominique will go on to find even more success after, or even during, her run with Insecure. But for now, we’re literally on the edge of our seats…waiting to see what comes next in “Tasha’s” world!

Is it Sunday yet!?!

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