Home with Henley!

The sun shined brighter the day Henley Grace was born into the world! Overjoyed parents and Married At First Sight Alums – Doug and Jamie –  also experienced LOVE at first sight when they held their new baby girl. What a beautiful family! We could look at that cute little face all day long – Congratulations, Doug and Jamie!

But, aside from the cuteness overload – what is it really like having a newborn? How do you maintain your household, care for a new baby and have enough time to spend with your man? We decided to ask the new mommy herself – check out what Jamie had to say when asked about Homelife with Henley!

What is the most challenging task or chore to address around the house while you are also constantly making sure Henley is happy and healthy?
“Hmm, this is a tough one! I feel like it’s tough to get ANYTHING done. I’d say the toughest thing is probably spending QT with my hubby. That has definitely gone out the window since having a baby – sorry, honey! But the laundry …. wow, the laundry is NEVER ending. So I would say that is probably the biggest thing!”
How do you and Doug balance home and baby duties?
“We haven’t really learned a good balance yet. Right now our life is allllll baby, but we are SO happy that way. I know it’s important to find that balance though – so we are trying!”
What kinds of things bother you the most when not being taken care of in the household?
“A dirty bathroom drives me nutty. I just think that it’s gross. Soooo, that gets taken care of. I feel like you need a clean bathroom to keep your baby clean. No way would I ever put my baby in a dirty tub. 🙅🏼”
What advice do you have for new parents out there who are also trying to function as a normal human being while dealing with a lack of sleep and taking care of their own mental and physical health?
“I’m not sure I am at the stage to be able to give advice since I’m not functioning as a normal human being myself – hahaha. But, so far what I’ve found works for me just letting it ALL go. Nothing is as important as bonding with your baby – the laundry, dishes, floors can all wait. Babies grow so fast – cherish them & spend every moment with them. The chores will still be there for ya when you’re ready!”
Who do you turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed and how do you work through these challenges?
“I have been relying on Doug’s parents to babysit for a few hours each week. It is definitely nice to get a little time
to decompress. And when daddy gets home from work, I take 30 minutes to myself. Very thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life!”
Tell us the truth – is being in pajamas all day really that bad? 
“Haha nope, not at all!!! It’s the greasy hair and bad breath that I could live with out. Ha!”



As you can see, life at home with a new baby certainly has its challenges! But, Jamie and Doug handle it like champs.

Thanks for keepin’ it real, Jamie! Henley is pretty lucky to have such AMAZING parents!
We love the Hehner Family! 


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