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REVIEW: Game of Thrones Gives Viewers the “Greatest Moments in TV History”

WARNING: There’s a Spoiler Or Two…Or Ten!

Wow. Just…Wow!

Anyone else still reeling from this AMAZING episode??? I’ve seen more than one reviewer call it one of the greatest moments in television history and we’re inclined to agree.

Bravo, “Game of Thrones.”

Seven years of set-up culminated in the major scenes of this episode and the payoff was magnificent. “The more you own, the more it weighs you down,” certainly turns out to be true for Jaime Lannister, given the cliffhanger ending with him sinking in his gold armor with his gold hand. Surely he’ll be saved, but by who? Will Bronn be miraculously unburned and able to help? Will Drogon scoop him up? Will Tyrion intervene? There’s potential here for the redemption of Jaime Lannister to come full circle, depending on how Cersei reacts to him being a prisoner yet again. We’re betting that this time, she’ll be in love with her crown, not her brother.

Three cheers for the triumphant return of Bronn, by the way. It was agonizing not knowing what scenario to root for; you didn’t want him to die, but you don’t want Drogon or Daenerys to die. The writers did a brilliant job of giving us a thrilling and believable scenario, balancing this conflict between several beloved characters.

The whole battle was intensely satisfying. Watching the sky in each wide shot, then finally seeing Drogon come out of the clouds…magical. The look on Jaime’s face: priceless. Killer CGI… killer choreography! After seeing “Battle of The Bastards,” we expected nothing less, but WOW was it good!

As emotionally satisfying as the big battle was thrilling, we see three Starks together for the first time since season one, seven years ago. Wouldn’t you *love* to see some behind-the-scenes from that day on set? As predicted, Sansa is clearly a little unnerved as she realizes what Arya has become. By the time she watches her spar with Brienne, she’s not smiling or laughing about Arya’s list anymore. Neither is Little Finger, who we hope makes his way onto that list as soon as the Vale’s loyalty can be secured without him. As for Bran, other GOT commentators were quick to compare him to Doctor Manhattan in “The Watchmen,” and we agree. He’s seen and knows so much, he’s become detached from his own humanity. We’re certain he knows exactly what he’s doing, giving the Cat’s Paw dagger to Arya. We fully expect her to put it to good use!

Speaking of Little Finger, do yourself a favor and re-watch the face he makes when Bran says his own words back to him. If you don’t recall, he was very much alone with Varys the Spider back in season three when he said, “Chaos is a ladder.” Very clever show of force by Bran. We’re a bit worried that a Little Finger with all his plans foiled may be even more dangerous and unpredictable. We can’t wait to find out!

The relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys is thawing very, very quickly. But, the big question is did he bend the knee or not? Did they make some other arrangement? Because, you know, if they get married, he can bend the knee and still be king. Just sayin’. We’re also impressed that Jon was so reserved with Theon, while continuing to wonder why he’s still alive and around. Does he fit that whole “Prince-who-was-promised” thing at all? Because there has to be a reason he’s still with us.

Meanwhile, Cersei is really making nice with the Iron Bank, but will they stay behind her despite the Lannister army getting trounced by Daenerys and just one of three dragons? Yes, the scorpion did some damage, but not until after that goose was cooked. Chances are, some armor for those dragons is in order now that Daenerys knows about that weakness. We doubt the Iron Bank, and the people of Westeros, will have that much faith in her cause once the news of Jaime’s defeat hits.

Even though we didn’t get to see what Sam or Jorah are up to, we give this a 10/10. It was a fantastic episode that has already made for very enjoyable repeat viewings.

Is it Sunday again yet??? That preview for next week was loaded with implications that Daenerys is going off the rails…!

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