Game of Thrones Recap Season 7, Episode 7

Well friends, it’s the beginning of the end.

Starting with the elephant in the room, yes, the season finale of Game of Thrones felt rushed. The whole season felt rushed. The absence of George R. R. Martin’s carefully laid tracks for this speeding train was evident.

And yet. Somehow we managed to forgive HBO in advance & just enjoy the damn show for what it is. Hopefully, you did too.

Besides our brief moment of fear when the wight didn’t immediately go ham after the Hound opened its crate, the parley at the old dragon arena went about as we expected it to. We definitely yelled “Too easy!” at the screen when Cersei agreed to help fight the white walkers & sure enough, her brief moment of sensical behavior is just a ruse. This finally seems to give us the Jaime Lannister we need rather than the one we perhaps deserve, so we’re not even mad about it. Here’s hoping he’s headed to Winterfell.

The scene between Tyrion & Cersei was fantastic. So well done. It’s hard to believe that he would underestimate her yet again, however. If season eight doesn’t start with Tyion assuming she’s up to no good, it just wouldn’t seem right.

The scene between Jon & Theon is equally good. And hopefully, Jon remembers the speech he gave Theon about carrying both names when he learns he’s not who he thought he was…

Meanwhile, back at Winterfell, halle-frickin-lujah. The Stark siblings finally get their shit together & now our neighbors know exactly how we feel about it. Hands down, the most satisfying moment of the entire season. Finally, Bran is making himself useful, which continues into his all too brief scene with Sam. Turns out he *was* listening! And of course, we get to see the wedding of the century via Bran (side note: was anyone else disappointed that Rhaegar didn’t quite fit the total dreamboat you were picturing and instead looked just like Viserys?) just before we get the incestuous butt-shot that is breaking the internet today. How are we supposed to feel about this??? How are Daenerys & Jon going to feel about this once they learn about his heritage? And his claim to the throne?

Yes, Bran. Jon *needs* to know. We need him to know. And we’re going to need a lot of wine & snacks as things get weird.

Then at the wall, exactly what we all assumed & feared goes down. Zombie dragon does indeed breathe blue flames & topples a sizable section of the barrier. With Tormund Giantsbane right there with it. Like everyone else writing about Game of Thrones today, we’re feeling very confident that Tormund isn’t dead it the rubble. But, damn. This is every bit as bad as we assumed it would be. White walkers are flooding into the North, zombie dragon is intense, and as Tyrion so eloquently put it, everyone seems pretty fucked.

(I’m sure there’s a Jon & Daenerys joke here but we just cannot.)

So, quite the stage is set. White walker Gold Company? Clegane bowl? Theon redemption? Arya-as-Little-Finger killing spree? Incest babies? Sam doesn’t approve of Jon’s new girlfriend burning his family alive? There are so, so many awesome & terrible possibilities for the eighth & final season. We think it’s safe to be hopeful for a satisfying, good ending. The best? Likely not. This rush is unfortunate. It’s a shame George R. R. Martin didn’t have a little more hustle so the books could guide the show into the sunset. But this can still end well. If we can all just manage to survive the wait.


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