Game of Thrones Recap: S7, Ep 6

 Another Week, Another Reaction 
It was inevitable, really. After so many top-notch, satisfying episodes this season of Game of Thrones, an episode that leaves us more upset & antsy than anything else was bound to come around.
Us yelling at the screen as if it would accomplish anything made about as much sense as a lot of the choices made in this week’s storytelling. Suddenly, characters made out to be so smart & aware turn out to be completely daft in the name of making a zombie dragon & keeping Little Finger around.
The scenes at Winterfell were nothing but frustrating. We could hardly stand them, as if we could feel Ned Stark rolling in his crypt.  This conflict between the Stark girls is extra mind-boggling because surely Bran has all the answers. The girls both know he has the ability to see all the things. Why oh why hasn’t it occurred to ANYONE to consult him? How absurd is the idea that a bunch of grown men would blame Sansa for writing that note, as a child, under duress, let alone that Arya would? Hope springs eternal, since Sansa did send Brienne away instead of following Little Finger’s advice. Maybe the reason the whole thing makes no sense is that one or both of the girls may be stringing all of us along. Here’s hoping.
Meanwhile, north of the wall, we have so many questions. But first & foremost, yes, we are so here for the zombie dragon. It complicates things marvelously. The battle to come is going to be epic. We love it. However. How in the world did messages travel fast enough to get Daenerys to the frozen lake so fast? Why target the dragon flying around instead of the one standing still, with plenty of enemies depending on it for their escape? Why did none of the wights think to use projectiles against Jon & company? And honestly, damnit Tyrion, who thought this trip to go capture a wight was a good idea in the first place??? Why did Daenerys listen to you about that but not about running head first into the Night King???
Like we said. We’re upset. We’re downright anxious about how this whole story is going to end, and about there only being one more episode this season.
Issues aside, the battle north of the wall was very well done. The echoes of the Battle of the Bastards were appreciated. It’s not like we didn’t enjoy the episode at all. And it’s not like it was a bad episode, per se. It just wasn’t as good as the others in the season & it challenged our disbelief in a world where we readily accept zombies & dragons… Hmm.
We’re left with a lot of uncomfortable feelings. Watching the death & resurrection of the dragon Viserion pulled on our hearts for sure, and it was a bit sad to see Thoros go. It feels like there’s another shoe ready to drop though. None of the main cast died. None yet this season. This is still Game of Thrones, surely something awful is coming around.
It’s kinda awful that the only real feel good moment was seeing Daenerys & Jon have their hint of a love-connection on the ship in the end. Leave it to Game of Thrones to make the beginnings of an incestuous flirtation the bright spot in a huge downer of an episode. After Jaime & Cersei though, an aunt & a nephew thing doesn’t seem nearly as shocking as it should. We remain intensely curious as to where this is going, especially with the question of Daenerys’ heir hanging in the air after her awkward conversation with Tyrion. It’s unclear how much faith to put in prophecies & curses at this point. C’mon, Jon is technically dead & there’s a zombie dragon. We’re not ruling anything out.
Honestly? This recap is what’s kinda awful. Watching this episode was a bit like watching your team lose the lead right before the start of the fourth quarter in the super bowl. You’ve been cheering along all season, and then boom; interception. We’re pouting. We’re already going through withdrawls & planning on starting the whole series over again to soften the blow. Of course, these situations where the home team is down but not out always make for the most emotional wins. We love a good comeback.
This Sunday is it, folks. Rumors are swirling about how long we will or won’t be waiting for the final season. So we’d better enjoy it (more than we enjoyed this one). Side note? The only prediction we’re even remotely confident in is that zombie dragon brings the wall down. We’ll find out soon enough.

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