Dwarfism Awareness Month in October

October has been declared Dwarfism Awareness Month in an effort to encourage a better understanding of the dwarfism community as a whole. The importance of recognizing this month provides the opportunity to educate others and share important insights regarding dwarfism.

This month resonates greatly with the cast of LITTLE WOMEN and they chose to speak out and provide their own perspective on this important topic. Find out what a few of the ladies had to say when asked:

“What does Dwarfism Awareness Month mean to you?”



“I’m proud to be a little person and be a part of this awareness movement. What I think needs more awareness EVERY month is a person’s a person…no matter how small, big, what color, what religion, what language they speak, how much money they have… at the end of the day we are all HUMAN and we should always show awareness and compassion for each other.”

How do you adjust to an average sized world when going about your daily life?

“I wouldn’t say I “adjust” daily… I would say I have adapted and overcome. The world is built for the average size person and anyone under 5’0” can relate. A few things that come to mind are pedal extensions on the car, stools throughout the house, and not being able to see in public bathroom mirrors.  How do I adjust to this average world? I adjust my attitude. I look at everything as a challenge that I know I can overcome one way or another. Nothing is impossible, some people just do things differently. “





“Dwarfism Awareness Month means gratefulness because now people can be educated about little people instead of going by what they hear! I raise awareness by talking to people and educating them on what little people go through every day!”

What do you want the public to know about dwarfism?

“I would love for the public to understand that we’re little people and not the M word. And that we’re adults – not kids. So please don’t bend down to talk to us like we are children!”



“Dwarfism Awareness means to educate people and provide a better understanding of little people and all the different types. We want people to know about little people rather than assume! We were born this way. We are like everyone else, we all go through the same things, we just do things differently!”

How do you personally go about raising awareness and demonstrate your thoughts and feelings on dwarfism?

“I used to be upset everywhere I went due to  the constant negativity from others. Now, I walk with my head held high and smile at everyone I see. I do not want people to be afraid to approach me and be able to have a conversation! I love to answer any questions people have and I am always open to having a discussion.”



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