Hasani Pettiford Breaks Down Latest Couples Retreat Episode!


The second episode of Little Women’s Couples Retreat was nothing short of high drama. Last week’s episode ended with Lila being thrown to the ground by Tonya. In the second episode, we all got a chance to witness the culmination of that feud. What started out as a distasteful exchange of verbal blows, quickly ended with physical ones. In the words of Canadian rapper Drake, “things went from ‘0 to 100 real quick.” The combination of past grievances, verbal insults, and the influence of alcohol created an unsafe scenario that could have been avoided. 

To be fair, blame must be given to both Tonya and Lila. The term ‘Monkey A@$’ was first used by Tonya in a previous season of Little Women. In Puerto Rico, Lila reintroduced the word in a cutting way that did not end well. After being thrown to the ground, Lila attempted to strike back at Tonya. But, in pure Mayweather fashion, Tonya dodged the blow and threw Lila to the ground again. Meanwhile, Lila’s boyfriend awkwardly stood on the sidelines as he witnessed the scuffle unfold. His reaction to the fight spoke louder than all the words verbally expressed regarding his feelings for Lila. 


While cast members were winding down, I was preparing for their next activity called ‘Expressionism.’ Paint and canvas stations were set up for each couple to creatively express themselves in a non-verbal way. They had an opportunity to share their true feelings, both good and bad, about their relationship. The assignment exposed Tonya and Kerwin’s apparent commitment issues, as well as Amanda and Jordan’s battle for good and evil within the relationship. 



The only couple who missed out on the group activity was Lila and Brian. After speaking to them in the villa, it became quite apparent that neither were on the same page regarding any future together. While Lila professed a desire to spend the rest of her life with Brian, he admitted to wanting no parts of her. Since they had no official relationship to work on, I recommended that they both return home


Later that evening, I hosted a talent show for the couples in order to give them another opportunity to express themselves in a fun and exciting way. Most of the couples met the challenge head on. Jazmin and David did a musical rendition of their life journey together. Christy and Todd did a humorous ventriloquist act. Tonya and Kerwin performed an Anniversary dance. The twins and their boyfriends joined forces and choreographed a booty-poppin’ lap dance routine that had the entire cast blushing. 

Everyone had a ball. But, things abruptly came to a screeching halt when Brianna and Matt refused to participate, claiming performance anxiety. Interestingly, no one believed it and they all assumed that Matt was the culprit behind their refusal to participate. Luckily, that didn’t spoil the rest of the evening. 



After I brought the show to an end, the couples gathered for more food, drink, and conversation. It was at that time that Jazmin made the announcement about Lila and Brian’s return home. While Tonya was saddened that she didn’t get a chance to apologize for her TKO, they all unanimously agreed that their leaving was the best thing for the group. 

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