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A Closer Look at The Men of Little Women

By now, we hope you’re all enjoying Little Women Couples Retreat! It’s the show that takes an in-depth look into what makes love work. This week, we’re really excited because relationship expert, Hasani Pettiford, has agreed to talk to us exclusively about what it was like meeting the men of the popular Little Women franchise!


Every week, the Little Women franchise takes an intimate look inside the lives of its female cast members. For the first time, their significant others moved from the background to the foreground in the new spin-off series Little Women Couples Retreat. During our 3-week stay together, I got a chance to know these men up close and personal. Their unique set of personalities, backgrounds, and issues make for an exciting series.

Matt is a very passionate guy with a bigger-than-life personality. He was the first cast member I met while in Puerto Rico and we had an instant connection. Even though he has been the center of controversy due to apparent violations within the marriage, he revealed that he’s seeking a ‘fresh start’ in his life and relationship. As each week unfolds, we will discover whether Matt will experience a personal transformation in hopes of a renewed marriage. 

Kerwin is the elder statesman of the group. He’s proven himself to be a cool and down-to-earth guy. With the many wonderful qualities Kerwin does possess, his personal Achilles heel is ‘being stuck in familiar ways,’ which makes a transition into marriage difficult. The retreat experience will explore the deep waters of Kerwin and Tonya’s personal shortcomings. As viewers, we will all discover whether they have what it takes to make it back to shore and land on a solid foundation.  

Todd is a warm-hearted, genteel man who has spent his entire time at the retreat breaking through personal barriers. He brought a mental toughness to Puerto Rico that allowed him to persevere beyond the challenges of his physical limitations. He rallied the support of the entire cast as he met hard times with a harder will. Not only did he personally benefit from each challenge, it also caused an amazing shift in his marriage with Christy that will prove to be rewarding.  

Chris is a very competitive, no-nonsense guy who is fighting to overcome his own personal demons. His unsavory past has resulted in a criminal record which has impacted his ability to provide, parent and partner in an ideal way. The union between he and Andrea has been clouded with infidelity and in-law challenges, which has placed a serious strain on their relationship. With all that he has personally endured, he is looking to find new direction at the couples retreat. 

Jordan is an adventurous country kid who loves riding ATVs in the swamps of Texas in his spare time. I enjoyed every conversation we had while on the island. Like many men, Jordan has a dual nature. While he possesses a calm demeanor, at times, his short fuse gets the best of him. His admitted anger issues and communication challenges become the focal point of his personal journey at the retreat.  

The diversity of issues, backgrounds, and challenges these men arrive in Puerto Rico will make for an interesting 8-week exploration into the personal lives of these male cast members. 

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