Christy Talks Dwarfism Awareness Month

LITTLE WOMEN: LA’s Christy McGinity Gibel reveals her thoughts on Dwarfism and how raising awareness goes beyond just the month of October. Read what Christy had to say!


What does Dwarfism Awareness Month mean to you?
“I believe Dwarfism Awareness month is a start to truly bringing about a better understanding among those within and beyond our community.  Dwarfism still seems to be one of the last “acceptable” jokes.  Part of that is because there are so many people with Dwarfism themselves that still make fun of it and say derogatory things about it.  I myself have been guilty of that in the past and wish I could go back and change it in hopes that it will make things easier for my children with Dwarfism and any grandchildren I may have down the road who are born with Dwarfism. As we continue to make changes for the better by raising awareness, I am hopeful that the ‘acceptable’ jokes about dwarfism with end.”
What do you want the public to know about Dwarfism?
“Most people don’t know that there are over 200 types of Dwarfism and some individuals with Dwarfism go through life never actually being diagnosed with a specific type. Each year more children, who are born with Dwarfism, are born to two average size parents than born to parents who have Dwarfism themselves. I think it is important that the public is aware of these facts and statistics regarding Dwarfism.”
How do you raise awareness in your every day life?
“By living it.  Every day I’m out in the world and I am helping make others aware that people with Dwarfism exist.  I’m also always open to answering any questions anyone might ask me about Dwarfism-  especially children who may not understand.  Also, with children I’m never too critical with them if they stare or laugh at me.  I try to approach them, when possible, and just talk to them and give them as much info as I can about myself and Dwarfism. I always strive to help people understand.”
Thanks so much for your insight, Christy!
Questions about Dwarfism Awareness Month?
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