GOT Recap: The Plot Thickens…


While last night’s new episode gave us almost none of the action & payoff of the previous one, it certainly made up for it with intense drama, suspense, and plot thickening. While there were no battles or big action scenes, this one was full of little bombs going off, or at least getting their fuses lit. 

An awful lot of our future predictions for the show were immediately smashed to bits when Bronn & Jaime Lannister emerged from the lake, safely out of Daenerys’ grasp. Oof.  We also didn’t see the fiery execution of Randyll & Dickon Tarly coming. For someone trying to distance themselves from their murdering mad-man of a father, the behavior seems a little too reminiscent. The whole scene was definitely disturbing, and it bears noting that she now has a host of soldiers in her army who are there only because they fear her, not because they love her. Tyrion’s discomfort through the scene mirrored our own, and we can’t help but be reminded of when advisors pleaded with Joffrey to not take Ned Stark’s head. 

That incestuous sex scene a couple episodes back between Cersei & Jaime seemed too prominent to not have a purpose and, sure enough, that gun has gone off. This bundle of joy could mean that all hope for Jaime coming to his senses is gone for good. Or, it could make a time-bomb out of Cersei. We’ve already seen what lengths she’ll go to to protect her children. And she’s already lost three (four, technically). Imagine if anything were to happen to this pregnancy, or to the child, now that she’s on the iron throne… Or maybe it’s a fake out, a last attempt to manipulate Jaime? Anyways, keep in mind that that prophecy Cersei received as a child said she’d be killed by a “little brother,” and she’d have three children. Not four. So, keep an eye on that. 

Now, if we were Cersei, we would see a big opportunity as far as this armistice with Daenerys goes. If she grants the armistice but doesn’t come to the aid of Daenerys & Jon Snow in their fight with the white walkers, she gets time. Not only that, but once the battle for the dawn is over, she gets to fight a diminished & battle-weary enemy instead of Daenerys at her full strength. Maybe the wights will even manage to kill a few dragons for her. This could be a huge opportunity for her since most of Westeros would remain ignorant that Daenerys just saved them all, so she remains the boogey man that Cersei makes her out to be. 

It’s worth noting that the reunion between Tyrion & Jaime was absolutely fantastic. Will it be the last time they see each other? 

There were a few moments in this episode where Jon’s lineage got some play. Obviously, the moment where Gilly reads about Rhaegar’s annulment & re-marriage is a huge confirmation; not only is Jon Rhaegar’s son but he’s legitimate & the rightful heir to the throne. Sam may not realize how big this is, or that it has anything to do with Jon, but we just about fell off the couch. Since Sam is heading North, we’re betting that at some point Bran, plus Sam, will equal the big reveal. Maybe Howland Reed will confirm since he was there with Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy? Maybe not. Sam still isn’t aware that his brother & father are dead, so, he may get sidetracked as well. Then there’s the moment where Drogon seems to recognize Jon as a Targaryen. Will we see Jon Snow ride a dragon? At some point, we’re pretty confident we will. 

Speaking of lineage, the fan service in Gendry’s return was obvious. Loved the joke about him still rowing. But, much like with Theon, we really wonder exactly why he’s around & alive. It certainly seems like there must be a plot-driven reason. It could just be fan service, but… that’d be awfully disappointing. 

We’re so ready to see what kind of action happens for Jon’s Suicide Squad and their quest to bring a white walker back south. It’s quite the group, and no doubt, the action coming up will be huge. It should be interesting to see how the two men from the brotherhood, Dondarrion & Thoros, behave up there with all of their Lord of Light resurrection business. 

With allllll of that going on, what really had us holding our breath was Arya’s misadventures in Winterfell. Her argument with Sansa, plus her finding the note she was forced to write condemning their father, and Little Finger’s scheming, has us on edge. Misdirection again? Or serious trouble? We’re definitely worried. Bran needs to let fly with all that knowledge soon!

These next two episodes are the final two of the season. We expect big things, and can’t help but start bracing now for the inevitable cliffhangers/hangover. 

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