August 2017 Horoscopes Are Here!


Astrologer, Trish Thomas-Mink, brings you this exclusive horoscope to get you through the month!

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Love is in the air, and this is the time to act on it. It is also a great time to go after long sought-after goals. Make a plan and then execute it. Your ability to make money is excellent this month, so go for the gusto. If there’s anyone on your team who can’t keep up, let them sit this one out because you’re ready for the big leagues!


You are socially active this month, participating in social media of all kinds, and you could even find financial reward in any ventures having to do with this field if you really try! Later in the month, there is time to get away! Traveling this month is good personally and professionally, but be especially careful to watch out for power struggles on the way up!


Love is stable, and your home is where you are happy. Joint endeavors of all kinds are where your happiness and success come from this month. Creativity is strong also- creating products, writing, painting, and music are all favored. This is more of a development stage, but you have the money you need, so go after the project that is closest to your heart. If you travel, watch out for little issues that might cause delays or bumps in the road.


You are hot this month and love is warm and sensual, like summer. Single? Go out with the intention to meet someone who checks off all the boxes on your list. Coupled up, plan a “bae-cation” and watch how your connection deepens! At work, you are motivated and can accomplish what you set out to. You seem to have money coming in as well!! Are you wanting a new job? You can do it!! Find balance in meditation or yoga.


Life is fast and stressful…but in a good way! If you try, you can find a way to relax, grab your sweetie and go to the lake at some point this month. Watch your tongue while Mercury is retrograde this month, though… remember, less is more. But Mercury in retrograde also means that you’ll have more time to focus and fine tune past projects, so you are able to handle your work with star quality.


Love is all around but you are too much in your head. Don’t analyze too much. Make sure not to pick at those you love.  That said, where you do need to nitpick is around your career, your performance or job. Can you fix all the things that aren’t working for you or that have become outdated? Or is it time for a new job? Also, make sure you watch your health.

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This month you are lucky in love, whether you’re single or a part of a couple, so make good use of these positive vibes! Your career looks like it’s smooth sailing this month, also with a bit of luck. However, there may be trouble on the home front. A well-meaning family member is not always right, remember that. Also, pay attention to your health this month…schedule those routine doctor’s appointments and listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, get it checked out!


You love life is centered around traveling and new adventure this month. Time to head out to find some paranormal adventure (We know how much you love a good mystery)! But since Mercury is retrograde, you’ll need watch your tongue when dealing with your sweetheart. Words can sting and cause rifts in your relationship if you neglect to use a filter. You are also being challenged this month to change your food and take care of your health.


Feel like you deserve better in your career and love life? You will resolve those feelings next month. In August, finances are strongest in partnerships and that’s where your focus will be. However, it looks like there may be a lot of complications when it comes to the details of a deal or contracts on joint ventures, so beware. Consult your lawyer before signing on the dotted line!


Love and relationships are intense and temptation is all around you. They can and will blossom, as your strengths are found in collaboration. This is true in personal and professional relationships.  There is a focus on money this month, making it and spending it, but watch out for a tendency to become obsessed with the growth of your bottom line to the point of neglecting the needs of loved ones around you. 


There’s High Energy in love for you this month! Love is a battlefield full of passion and sometimes you can lack empathy, but this month, you work well with others on all levels work, home, and play. While you’re enjoying the company of others, though, make sure to put your financial house in order so you are not bitten by a forgotten bill. Balance your stress levels and you’ll be amazed at how September works for you!


This month you explore your relationships. Ask yourself, “Am I happy here?” For some, it may be scary if you decide that you want to leave, but Pisces, you have options. This sudden need to make a choice could manifest in a romantic relationship or a professional one. On the career front, your work is dynamic. The mantra for this month is: ‘Make plans, execute plans, reap rewards.’ Say this, believe it and the success will start pouring in by month’s end!

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