Another Perspective on Dwarfism Awareness – Asta Shares Her Insight

As we continue to recognize Dwarfism Awareness Month this October, another one of the phenomenal ‘Little Women’ cast members has shared her thoughts on the topic. Check out what Asta had to say!


Asta’s Thoughts on Dwarfism

 “My parents are average sized and I grew up overseas. Growing up I had no one I could relate to as far as being a little person. A lot of the things I encountered I had to learn on my own. I appreciate Dwarfism Awareness Month because it allows the community as a whole to recognize and be aware of us. I didn’t grow up with any of this, so I truly appreciate what Dwarfism Awareness month does for the community. It raises positivity among all of us and educates those that do not understand.”


How do you adjust daily to an average sized world?

“Over the years, I have adapted to this world in several ways. When it comes to driving (when I do drive…haha) I use pedal extenders. When I’m cooking or need to reach things at home, I have step stools or I just use the little amount of upper body strength that I have to lift myself up. When I can’t find clothes that fit, I whip out a pair of scissors or get it hemmed. When my husband walks faster just because he has regular average sized legs, I just walk twice as fast to catch up. When I’m at grocery stores and I can’t reach anything, I whip out my ninja training skills and climb and hope the groceries don’t fall on my face. A lot of it is adjusting the way you look at life. It is the way you see yourself in this world that matters. The more positive and ‘can do’ attitude you create, the more you are able to achieve. A lot of times I forget that I am a little person just because I embrace it and overcome it naturally.”


What do you think is important for the public to know about Dwarfism?

“Just because we are small, doesn’t mean we can’t achieve the same things as others. Be proud of who you are, we are all brought into this world the same way, some of us just did not grow as much as others.  Regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or size – we are all here in this world together. We as a community should be there for each other to help each other grow (Not literally haha!) and be there for one and another.”

“Enough of this judgement, we are all humans. I always strive to keep life in perspective. We are all just part of a bigger picture – like the entire galaxy, for example – many parts making up a whole. I created a mural not too long ago in my art room and it represents how I feel about the world. I am the panda, and of course life will have its difficulties wrapped up around you (For example: the octopus in my painting.) But, just remember we are all parts of a bigger picture – the galaxy. Because, compared to the galaxy, we are all little people if you look at it that way. Just keep smiling and take the talents you have and turn it into something beautiful in this world.”

Asta’s Mural

How do you go about raising awareness for Dwarfism?

“Raising awareness  could be something as simple as letting the public know that not every little person likes the word “Midget” and a word like this can affect everyone differently. Everyone has their own opinions about this specifically. But most importantly, I encourage people to be kind to one and another. You never know how what you say may impact another individual. When people ask questions, I always answer them. When kids stare at me in grocery stores and ask me why I am so little, I smile and answer them, ‘We aren’t all born the same, some of us are smaller than others, but that doesn’t make us any different.'”

“I also really try to raise awareness through my artwork. I always have found that you can send the deepest messages through art. A lot of my work has to do with obstacles that short people face and working to overcome them. Specially, one of my paintings is a panda with a plant growing inside the skeleton. The thought behind this piece represents the idea and the fact that even though I’m little, I’m still growing on the inside.”

Asta’s piece representing her own life.

Thanks so much for your insight, Asta!

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